Analyzing the Present to Protect the Future


Analyzing the Present to Protect the Future

Conservation in a Changing World

Wood Thrush banded at HMF

Thanks for visiting my website. Please excuse anything that is out of date as I am currently in the process of updating it (4/13/2019). If you have any questions feel free to send me an email.

Hi, my name's Jeff Brown and welcome to my homepage. I am a 5th year PhD candidate studying protected areas (PAs) and urban ecology and a proud member of the Lockwood Lab at Rutgers University.

My current research investigates how protected areas function in urban settings. Although most of my work focuses on PAs, I am broadly interested in community ecology and changes brought about by human influence. Click the different links located at the top or in the corner to learn more about my research and teaching.

Note: I am currently looking for a Post Doc position beginning in the Winter or fall of 2019. Reach out with any opportunities!

I am passionate about teaching and am always looking for fun or interesting ways to engage my students. Below is a summary of my research using only the 1000 most common English words:

Animals' houses are in trouble. Trouble comes in many forms but the more people, the bigger the chance animals' homes go away. My work looks at how animals' houses change when more and more people come. My study animals are flying animals and little animals with no backs.

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