Analyzing the Present to Protect the Future



Bold is Self. Italicize is Undergraduate mentees

In Preparation
R Crystal-Ornelas, JA Brown, C Beardsley, JL Lockwood. More deer, less birds: meta-analysis shows that deer decrease overall avian species richness and individual avian species abundance. In Prep.

MFJ Aronson, M Piana, JA Brown, S Handel. Long term change in an old growth forest: a taxonomic, functional, and phylogenetic view. In Prep

JA Brown,
C Beardsley, JL Lockwood. Influence of novel light sources on arthropod communities. In Prep.

JA Brown, JL Lockwood, K Fenn. Investigating impact of size and surrounding matrix on protected areas communities through different metrics. Revising

In Review
G Blaise, JA Brown, AE Sorensen, RC Jordan. The impact of forest usage and accessibility on perceptions of its users and surrounding residents. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening.

JA Brown
, JL Lockwood, JD Avery, JC Burkhalter, K Aagaard, KH Fenn. Evaluating the long-term effectiveness of terrestrial protected areas:  a 40-year look at forest bird diversity. Biodiversity and Conservation.

AE Sorensen, RC Jordan, G Blaise, JA Brown, LK Campbell, MFJ Aronson, M Johnson. Public willingness to participate in urban restoration stewardship programs: Linkages between ecological knowledge, environmental identity, and motivations. Arboriculture and Urban Forestry. In Press. Link

A. Safiq, JL Lockwood, JA Brown. Homogenization of fish assemblages off the coast of Florida. Chapter in From Biocultural Homogenization to Biocultural Conservation. Springer. Link